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 For all of our programs we have a FAMILIARISATION KIT which includes a full working copy of the program and a demo data set.  You can use this kit to familiarise yourself with the program and evaluate its suitability for use by your firm.  These kits let you "try before you buy".

To order a FAMILIARISATION KIT, simply place an Order.

 Quote from a Public Accountant
"Over the last few years, many of our Clients have installed a variety of Computer Software packages.  At first, we did not become involved in their purchase decision.  This approach resulted in many horror stories.  Time after time, we were given computer produced information which was simply rubbish.  We had to spend a lot of time reconstructing this information so that it is in a fit state to be processed to our General Ledger software.  And what's worse, because the Client had used a Computer they expected a reduction in the fees we charged them."

"After evaluating CASHMAN, we could see that it would solve this problem and we are now actively promoting the CASHMAN series to our Clients."

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