The brochures associated with each Trimar program can be downloaded from here as a PDF file. This requires that your system has Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded onto it. This is a free program and can be downloaded from Adobe's web site if you do not have the current version (click on underlined link to go to Adobe Web site).

To best utilise the brochure, it is recommended that after the brochure has downloaded, you print it to your printer for review. Also note that any data contained in the brochures is entirley ficticious and does not necessarily relate to actual values - eg market values etc

These brochures have been produced using relatively old versions of the software. They do however illustrate the basic features of the software and an overall sample of reporting. To view features of the current versions of the software, download and install the appropriate demo kit version. You can then process data and produce reports for yourself.  

                                         -----   Program Name  -----

          ASSETMAN                                          FRINGEPAC                                      ORDER FORM   (not in PDF format)
              Asset management Software                          Motor Vehicle Fringe Benefits  
          LEASEMAN                                          FINMAN
               Lease Accounting (AAS17)                         Misc Financial Tools (Inc Lease/HP)
           CASHMAN                                            PAYMAN
               Cashbook/Accounting                                  Payroll software                                                
          CREDITORS                                           SHAREMAN                
                Creditors Module                                         Share portfolio management
          DEBTORS                                               TAXMAN                                                Return to Trimar Home page
                Debtors Module                                           Income tax calculator                                    
                           (Both Debtors and Creditors can either run stand alone or interface to Cashman)