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This program has been designed to provide small businesses and professionals with a quick and easy way of preparing a Cashbook, doing a Bank Reconciliation, analysing income and expenditure, and projecting future cash requirements.  It is more than just a cashbook program as it can be used to produce other books of prime-entry like a petty cash journal, expense analysis records, day book analysis, etc.  As well as producing a traditional cashbook and bank reconciliation, CASHMAN also produces a monthly income and expense report, a ledger style transaction report, and a series of reports for Australian GST accounting.

CASHMAN is designed to be used by small businesses and professional firms who have their own personal computer and wish to use it to prepare their own books of prime entry.  This style of firm is normally too small to employ their own Accountant, but has someone with sufficient bookkeeping experience to do a bank reconciliation, cashbook, etc.  They would regularly enter the cheque and deposit transactions into the computer and enter the bank pass sheet details on receipt from the Bank.  CASHMAN can then prepare the Cashbook, Bank Reconciliation and Income & Expense statement at the press of a button.  The key benefits a small business obtain from using CASHMAN are :

  • Savings in accountancy fees and on-site access to a well prepared cashbook for reference purposes.
  • An automatic bank reconciliation facility, which can be produced at any time on demand.
  • The ability to ascertain at any point of time, the Income, Expenses and Operating results of the business, based on transactions processed.
  • GST tracking and reporting.

CASHMAN also provides the following capabilities :

  • A GENERAL JOURNAL capability to Trial Balance via opening entries, general journal entries, Trial Balance report, General Ledger account report.
  • A BUDGET module which provides the ability to input and store a Budget and then produce a series of Reports comparing actual versus budget for nominated periods.  The BUDGET module enables you to prepare "Cashflow Budget Spreadsheets" for internal use and to support loan applications to banks and lending authorities.  From the data input, the program automatically calculates the budgeted net cashflow and its effect on the closing bank balance for each period covered by the spreadsheet (normally a number of months or quarters).  With the BUDGET module, you can approach lending authorities with printouts which provide a clear profile of your forecasted cashflow details, as the "Cashflow Budget Spreadsheet" is produced in a format that generally suits the requirements of Australian lending organisations.  A subsequent report can be produced for lending authorities, comparing the budgeted cashflow with the actual cashflow figures.
  • During the write-up of the Cashbook, the capability to produce the bank Deposit Slip for bankings, which is in- line with the requirements of Australian Banking.
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